Founded in 2015 in Silicon Valley, CodeFu is San Diego Area’s Most Inclusive & Fun Coding for Kids Enrichment Program designed by Teachers and Software Engineers that brings TK - 8th graders education in STEM, Coding, & Computer Science conveniently to their classrooms. CodeFu’s Coding Classes scaffold upon curriculum taught during Day School or in centers by implementing Social/Emotional Development & Multi-subject Curriculum integrating coding into subjects from PE to Science.

Our After School Bay Area Coding Classes for Kids scaffold programming, logical, & concentration skills by using the focus seen in KungFu. We teach the fundamental logic of Computer Science with languages such as: Block, Ruby, Python, Java, HTML5, Css, & .Js by teaching our kids to code Websites, Apps, Games, Robots & more.



The Art of CodeFu

(/cōd fǘ/):

A martial art-like level of skill and mastery in Coding/Computer Programming.


CodeFu Belief:

In today’s digital age, loneliness caused by social media & bullying is real. At CodeFu, we believe today’s children flourish best when given opportunities that include spending real-time with their long time school friends while learning invaluable skills both on & off-screen.